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Home » POLITICS » CNPP Scores Fayose Low, Decries Alleged Diversion of Pensioners Entitlements

CNPP Scores Fayose Low, Decries Alleged Diversion of Pensioners Entitlements

Third Anniversary: CNPP Scores Fayose Low, Decries Alleged Diversion of Pensioners Entitlements

As Governor Ayodele Fayose celebrates his third year in office, the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) in Ekiti State has described the three years of the administration  as a waste and reversal of fortunes for a state “doomed to a deceitful and dishonest leadership since three years ago”.
In a statement by its Public Relations Officer, Kunle Omotayo,  after the 16 political parties making up the conference among which were, ADC,KOWA,AD,APC,NCP,ADC and ACPN among others, met to review the administration in its third year, they regretted the level of insecurity, insincerity and misplacement of priorities in the application of public funds while the governor allegedly  neglected the welfare of the people in pursuit of alleged private comfort.
“The last three years are the worst in the political history of Ekiti State within which unprecedented cases of kidnapping were reported while organised murders claimed the lives of promising young men, including two policemen murdered in cold blood.
“For the first time, there was a jail break in Ado-Ekiti Prison where criminals facing capital offences escaped without trace.
“The government itself became the patron of insecurity and dispenser of pains as it herded innocent people into jail on trump-up charges without an option of bail even in bailable alleged offences,” Omotayo explained.

The conference also regretted that in spite of relief measures by the Federal Government to assist the state to pay workers’ salaries and  pensioners, the governor allegedly diverted the money to projects awarded to his friends’ companies in which he was alleged to have interest.
The CNPP said: “This is the most greedy and callous administration in the history of the state where a governor that takes his salaries and monthly N300m security vote regularly could resort to alleged diversion of funds for poor workers and dying pensioners to white elephant projects where the governor will be the only beneficiary as revealed in the EFCC report.
“After we have seen the waste in the abandoned Oja Oba Market and the most costly flyover in the South West that can hardly contain two vehicles moving side by side, the money meant for workers was callously diverted to these wasteful projects while state workers remain unpaid for six months and local government workers are owed eight months salaries, even as the governor regularly collects his monthly N300m security vote.
“For the first time in the history of Ekiti State, workers have turned petty thieves stealing pots of soup and some stealing farm produce to stay alive while several others have become beggars before they can make ends meet.
“The weekend’s EFCC report of criminal diversion of money meant for salaries and pensions by the governor summarises the callous treatment of Ekiti people in the hands of a governor who believes that Ekiti State is his personal estate where he can seek private comfort while other segments of the society suffer.
“The EFCC report has allowed Ekiti people to read how the governor allegedly diverted workers’ salaries and pensions funds for private comfort through the alleged account of his friend, one Abiodun Agbele, to buy choice cars for private comfort.
“Ekiti people have also read in the EFCC report how part of N1.7b contract awarded to a Lebanese company  was allegedly diverted to purchase properties for the governor even as the anti-graft agency said it was probing alleged kickback by contractors to the governor while other Ekiti people sleep in empty stomachs as a result of unpaid salaries.”
Declaring that the last three years was a “celebration of roguery and cookery in the Land of Honour”, the conference said what Ekiti people were going through was “an administration founded on criminality and now callously dispensing pains to the people, which the governor seems to be enjoying”.
The CNPP, which noted that the semblance of democracy dividends to Ekiti people ever since was the distribution of relief materials to the victims of flood disasters by the Federal Government through the effort of JKF Centre,  urged the EFCC to do more in helping Ekiti workers and pensioners to recover their entitlements from the governor.
He also urged the Federal Government to deploy the military to the state to forestall alleged plot to unleash thugs on the opposition parties as governorship election draws near while also urging INEC to be fair to all political parties in the forthcoming governorship election in the state.
Kunle Omotayo
October 15, 2017

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