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Adeboye speaks on miracles at RCCG Holy Ghost Congress

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Enoch Adeboye, excited many by devoting the last item on the programme of the second day of the ongoing 2017 Holy Ghost Congress of the church to healing.

From his own account, he himself was excited about it. He said he had been attending to people after the programme of the first day up till 2 a.m. on Tuesday and had wanted to catch some sleep but God would not let him because He (God) wanted him to pray.

He said he got out if his house and as he walked around the Redemption Camp that night praying, God promised repeatedly, “I will heal, I will heal.” Apparently God did.

At the end of the special congregational prayers with seven prayer points on Tuesday to close the session, when Mr. Adeboye asked those who believed they had received the touch of God in their bodies to sing and dance to the altar ‎in praise of God, thousands of people, including some who lifted their clutches to show they no longer needed them, flooded out.

Excited by the work of God, he picked up his tambourine and joined in the singing, a broad smile on his face. The scene was so moving that he asked the band to play for two additional minutes for praise singing and dancing to continue.

He had started his ministration, titled “Victory over sicknesses and diseases,” by correcting the impression that God is preoccupied with the love for the soul and spirit of humans and was less concerned about the body – the third part of individuals.

Citing several Bible passages, he showed that the body is God’s and the temple of the Holy Spirit, so He (God) is concerned about how it is kept.

“God is interested in your body; the devil is happy to know you think your body does not belong to God, so the he can use it against you and your relationship with God,” Pastor Adeboye warned, stressing that the whole human body belongs to God.

Explaining that humans’ responsibility to the body is to be careful how they use it, he stated that the reasons many Christians are sick today is that they don’t realise their bodies belong to God.

He reminded the congregation about how the involvement of the body in sinful acts attracts illnesses directly and through spiritual afflictions.

Even for people in the congregation, who may have been feeling that there was nothing wrong with their bodies, he cautioned that some diseases could be hidden for years before they manifest.

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